Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most of our farms have on-site accomodation available for the majority of their workers. Each farm page shows the details of what accommodation is available.

  • To ensure safe social distancing measures are in place as set out in the Government guidelines, no transport will be available to and from the farms.

  • Yes, all the toilet facilities are being shared by the workers within teams.

  • The minimum age to apply is 18.

  • Unfortunately not, but as farm workers are classed as key workers, children should be able to go to their school while you are working.

  • Start dates vary for every farm as it depends on when the fruit is ready to be picked. Please apply online and the farm will be in contact with you when they require staff.  Alternatively, there is a question box at the bottom of the application form where you can ask the Growers directly if they require any immediate starts.

  • Accommodation is available on some farms at an additional cost.  Each farm is different, so we advise to ask the farm directly, you can do this by asking this in the question box at the end of the application.

  • The government has classified food supply chain workers as ‘key workers’ and this is helping to protect our supply chain getting fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm to the shops.

  • No, but we do offer flexible working hours and would encourage you to apply with the hours you are available to work.

  • All our growers’ farms are strictly following government and NHS guidance to maintain hygiene and health among our workers. This includes strict and frequent hand washing routines in the workplace, social distancing on the farm and in the accommodation areas, routine checking for symptoms and the provision of self-isolating facilities and support for any workers who do contract the illness.

    They are also taking a number of steps to prevent illness spreading amongst their workforce. They are restricting access to their sites to essential visitors only, controlling who comes in and out, and questioning new staff arrivals on potential symptoms and risk of COVID-19 as per NHS guidance. Most farms are able to split their workforce into teams and keep these teams isolated from one another to prevent too many people being ill at once. The risk of spread among farm workers is also reduced by the open-air nature of harvesting activity; farms unlike offices, are large places where people can spread out.

    Many farms also have a number of separate campsites which helps with the separation of groups of workers. If self-isolating is needed for any staff almost all accommodation is in large numbers of  ‘caravan park’ style permanent units sleeping three or four persons which means anyone suffering symptoms can isolate easily in a dedicated unit and have food brought to them for the period of time needed. Farms are also following social distancing advice by organising food deliveries for workers wherever possible, so they don’t have to leave the farm and go into town and supermarkets.

  • Farms will aim to reply within 2 to 3 working days. It will depends on the size of the farm.

  • Yes, people are allowed to work for another employer if they are furloughed, however, they can only work outside of the hours that they would normally work for the job they have been furloughed from.

    If someone is on a flexible or zero hour contract with their employer, they may not have set hours stipulated in their contracts, but they should clarify this with their employer to ensure they are not in breach of contract.

    If we employ someone who is on furlough we become their second employer and they will be taxed as having two jobs.

  • Groups living in an on-farm caravan or cabin together can be treated a household for social distancing purposes and can live and work together on a farm team. If one member of the group becomes ill with COVID-19, he/she will be moved to a dedicated caravan for 10 days and, the others in the group will have to self-isolate for 10 days, just as any other household would do.


  • All farms are following government guidelines on social distancing for those working onsite, please ask for details from any prospective employer if you wish to obtain more information, depending on the location and the job position.

  • We would recommend to watch the video  made by AHDB (Becoming a Champion Picker), before sending your application form.

    This is a very good introduction, presenting the new Technics on how to pick and handle the fruit. The job is more intensive than what it used to be 20 years ago, but the reward is a lot greater.

    The video is available in 8 different languages.