Although most of our jobs are for fruit pickers, there are a number of different roles required for picking & packing soft fruit.

Fruit picker

Fruit pickers, are an important part of the agriculture industry because fruit is delicate and requires gentle harvesting techniques.

Fruit pickers must be detail-oriented, fast and reliable so they can remove fruit without loss.

Pickers must learn procedures and tips to follow Health and Safety regulations.

A formal education isn’t required to pick fruit, and you will receive guided induction.

Fruit pickers must have good overall health and adequate strength, so they can continually harvest, sort and gather fruit without fatigue. Strong hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and endurance are top job requirements.


  • Outdoor work
  • Living wage pay
  • On-site accommodation available


We are looking for enthusiastic candidates, with good communication skills, to work in fast paced environment.  Experience would be an advantage but full training will be given.

A certain level of manual handling will be required, so this needs to be taken into consideration.


  • Indoor work
  • Living wage pay
  • On-site accommodation available


Weeding, Leaf management, Planting

And more

General Maintenance, Painting, Gardening, Mechanical Work,  Supervision of work, Cleaning. We also have work available for people with Plumbing, Electrical and Woodwork, Welding experience.