David Stephen is the owner and farmer of Red House Farms where he produces great tasting soft fruit in the 20 acres dedicated to growing it. David has 300 acres of cereal and on top of those 400 acres of grass for his Beef cattle and sheep. A mixed farm but David is passionate about all it, a member of the Scottish Beef Council, The Farm Management Association and the NFU.

With the help of sunshine and Mother Nature’s pollinators we grow the tastiest strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

It is very important to us that we grow high quality produce on the farm. Our berries are extra special because they also pack a wonderful nutritional punch and are a special source of natural goodness.

18,000 meters of tunnels

220 tonnes harvested each year

500,000 punnets sold each year

Throughout our busy growing season Barra Berries employ 70 workers for our soft fruit operations and farm shop.

We hire people who are conscientious, enjoy the outdoors and take pride in their work.

To apply visit : https://www.barracastle.co.uk/barra-berries/seasonal-working/