Rosemount Farm is located in the beautiful berry capital of the world; the site is currently managed by LM Porter of East Seaton Farm.

Rates of Pay
Starting from £8.72
Overtime paid after 8 hrs in any day and 48 hrs per week.
Bonus is payable on picking work and can increase hourly rates. Some people can double hourly pay if they put their mind to it, most people should be able to go from £8.72/hr up to £10 easily.

Accommodation is available on a first come first served basis.
Caravan accommodation, shared with kitchen facilities and shower/bathroom
Communal area and showers as well ( These will be cleaned after each person to minimalize risk ) if needed
Free washing facilities

Hours of Work.
Normally at moment 8am to 4pm
In Harvest time, can be from 4.30 am till approx. 1/2pm
Breaks 45/1hr per day
Saturday and Sunday work is available as well.

Due to peoples circumstances we can offer flexible hours and working as much as possible.
We will take workers right now as its now you need work and money.
We will also need candidates for Late May working right through to October.

Key to our job is Flexible Working and being reasonable isolated, easy to keep social distance.
Both farms (Rosemount / LM Porter) offer fantastic walking with beautiful views away from the general public

Most important thing on specific details is .. you must be fit, willing to work and willing to try different jobs also, much of the work is outside or in tunnels and it can be affected by weather, we understand its maybe not be your chosen profession/job choice but good money can be earned here.